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Singapore Math strengthens mental math and problem solving skills through word problems and step-by-step explanations, giving students an increased understanding of mathematical applications and standard problem-solving. Challenging students to independently apply their knowledge of math, this program's proven international method gets students to understand the reasoning behind the math.

A Word About the
Different Editions
of Singapore Math

The Singapore Math U.S. edition consists of a textbook and workbook A and B for each grade, and a choice of a teacher's guide or a home instructor's guide or a simple answer key. Some of the popular supplementary books are sequenced according to the US edition (see below).

The Standards edition also consists of a textbook and workbook A and B for each grade. It currently has only teacher's guides, but home instructor's guides are in the works.

It is based on the US edition, but is newer, has a few added topics, and moves a little faster than the US edition by grades 4-5. It only goes to grade 5. A middle school series to follow the Standards edition is being planned. Until then, you can follow it with the US edition 6A and 6B (there is a bit of overlap)

The Standards edition has been approved by both the California and Oregon boards of education for use to meet those states' standards.

Christian Book Distributors currently is carrying the US Edition.

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Singapore K-1a

EarlyBird Kindergarten Mathematics Math 1A, U.S. Edition is the first book in a series designed for a two-year kindergarten program for children starting at age 4.

Book 1A is designed for the first half of the first year, and covers matching, recognizing relationships, comparing size/length/height, tallying graphs, number sequence and more.

Book 1B is designed for the second half of the first year, and covers shapes, reading and writing numerals, cardinal numbers, counting backwards from 10-0, even/odd numbers, counting by twos, recognizing patterns, picture graphs and more.

Book 2A is designed for the first half of the second year, and covers reading, writing and counting numbers, equal/more/less/, greater and less than, ordering according to size, estimation, 10s and 1s, half and quarter fractions, signs and more.

Book 2B is designed for the second half of the second year, and covers addition, subtraction, story problems, time, counting by 10s and 5s, numbers 1-100, recognizing and counting coins, shopping and more.

Each book contains a wide range of activities which introduce young children to basic math concepts of color, shape, size, number, length, weight, capacity, time, money, and graphs.

Simple and easy-to-follow instructions are included at the top of each lesson page for children, while short notes at the bottom explain how to teach lessons to parents and teachers. With simple and colorful illustrations to hold their attention, young children will find learning math both fun and easy.
80 pages, softcover, Age 4.

Primary Math 1a

Singapore Math 1a Workbook


The most popular curriculum line among homeschoolers, Singapore Math's Primary Math, U.S. Edition series features the Concrete > Pictorial > Abstract approach. Students begin by learning through concrete and pictorial means before moving into abstract thought and development, which encourages active thinking process, communication of mathematical ideas and problem solving.

Recommended for those who want a solid, basic math program with a proven track record and an emphasis on concept development, mental techniques, and problem solving. Lessons are designed for a mix of teacher instruction and independent work, and students are encouraged to discuss ideas and explore additional problem-solving methods.

Primary Math, Book 1A teaches students numbers 0-10, addition, subtraction, naming number positions, counting, common shapes, comparing and measuring length and weight.

Primary Math Textbook 1B teaches comparing numbers, picture graphs, counting, addition, and subtraction to 100, multiplication, halves, quarters, telling time, money and more.

Primary Math Book 2A teaches numbers, comparing, and place value to 100, addition and subtraction with/without renaming, measuring length in meters, centimeters, yards, feet and inches, measuring weight in kilograms, grams, pounds, ounces, multiplication and dividing by 2 and 3.

Primary Math 2B, US Edition teaches mental addition and subtraction, multiplying and division by 4, 5, and 10, money (US currency), fractions, time, capacity, geometry and area.

Primary Math 3A, U.S. Edition teaches numbers and number patterns to 10,000; addition and subtraction including 2-step word problems; multiplication and division, quotient and remainder, multiplication tables of 6, 7, 8, and 9; money (US Currency).

Primary Math Textbook 3B, US Edition teaches mental addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, length, capacity, graphs, fractions, time, geometry, area and perimeter.

Primary Math Textbook 4A (US Ed.) teaches whole numbers, numbers to 100,000; rounding off numbers, factors, multiples, multiplication and division with 2-digit numbers and by 10; adding, subtraction, mixed and improper fractions; graphs, angles, perpendicular and parallel lines, area and perimeter and more.

Primary Math Text 4B (US Ed.) teaches decimals to the thousandths; four operations of decimals; measures; solid figures; volume and more.

Primary Math Text 5A teaches place value; millions; estimation; multiplication/division by tens, hundreds and thousands; order of operations, word problems; fractions; triangle, ratio; angles and more.

Primary Math Text 5B teaches the approximation, estimation, multiplication, division and conversion of decimals; percents; average; rate; graphs; triangles; 4-sided figures; Tessellations; Volume and more.

Primary Math Text 6A US Edition teaches algebraic expressions, solid figures, nets, ratio, percentage, speed and more.

Primary Math Text 6B US Edition covers division, word problems and order of operations with fractions; radius and diameter, circumference and area of circles; graphs, volume, triangles, challenging word problems and more.

Primary Math 1a - teacher

Singapore Math Home Instructor Guides - US Edition Only were created specifically to give homeschoolers' a teacher's guide that works in an individualized environment. Work on explaining concepts as you bridge the gap between the textbook and workbook with unit concepts, pages to reference, numerous reinforcement and practice exercises and detailed solutions laid out step-by-step.

Suggestion-only timeframes for each unit are included, though not organized by "daily lesson", allowing the parent to determine how much time to spend on a particular concept. This Home Instructor's guide may be used for either the 3rd Edition or Primary Math Textbook 1A U.S. Edition.
75 pages, spiral-bound softcover.

This guide contains:
* Notes to the instructor with some mathematical background for each section in the textbook
* Objective of each lesson
* Teaching activities using manipulatives
* Reinforcement activities which often include a game
* Answers to corresponding textbook pages and learning tasks for the lesson
* Answers to the corresponding workbook exercises

PLEASE NOTE: The "Manipulatives" section on page vii of this Home Instructor's Guide refers to an appendix. However, the pages for this appendix was inadvertently left out; a link is provided to access the manipulatives section on Singapore Math's website.

Primary Math 1 Word Problems

Primary Mathematics Challenging Word Problems are available for the different levels and provide extra practice and challenge in solving word problems. Written to complement the Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition textbooks and workbooks, it follows the same sequence of topics in clear and simple language.

This series from Singapore Math features topical word problems; review problems designed to reinforce skills; worked examples with step-by-step guidance; practice problems and challenging problems.
130 pages, softcover.
Answers included.

Primary Math 1 Extra

Extra Practice for Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition follows the topical arrangement in the Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition series. The exercises generally provide problems of a similar style and level of difficulty as the course material, but are short and specific.

Instructors may assign only those topics in which the students needs more practice; it is recommended for average students needing more practice than found in the Singapore Math workbooks. This series may be used as a source of problems for tests, to re-teach or practice a topic, or to review a specific topic from a previous level.
Answers are provided at the back of the books.

Rainbow Rock Math Software

Rainbow Rock CD-ROM has games, activities, problems, and challenges to supplement Singapore Math's Primary Mathematics Curriculum in a fun and challenging way! Based on the Primary Mathematics syllabus, this CD-ROM features animation, immediate feedback, exciting activities, different difficulty levels, friendly environment, fast paced games and more!

Rainbow Rock covers counting, mental calculation, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, shape & pattern recognition, solving word problems and more. Grades 1 & 2. This CD-ROM corresponds with Primary Mathematics 1A-2B.
All Singapore Math Software has these same System Requirements:
* Windows 95/98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista or NT4.0
* 16 MB RAM
* 2x CD-ROM
* Does not run on Macintosh.

Vroot Vroom Software

Vroot Vroom CD-ROM has games, activities, problems, and challenges to supplement Singapore Math's Primary Mathematics Curriculum in a fun and challenging way! Based on the Primary Mathematics syllabus, this CD-ROM features animation, immediate feedback, exciting activities, different difficulty levels, friendly environment, fast paced games and more! Grades 3 & 4; this CD-ROM corresponds with Primary Mathematics 3A-4B.
Vroot Vroom covers angles, area and perimeter fractions, graphs, problem solving, solid figures and symmetry.

Wiggle Wood Software

Wiggle Woods CD-ROM has games, activities, problems, and challenges to supplement Singapore Math's Primary Mathematics Curriculum in a fun and challenging way! Based on the Primary Mathematics syllabus, this CD-ROM features animation, immediate feedback, exciting activities, different difficulty levels, friendly environment, fast paced games and more! Grades 5 & 6. This CD-ROM corresponds with Primary Mathematics 5A through 6B.

Wiggle Woods covers ratio, area of a triangle, percentage, speed, and circle.

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Reviews from THC Readers:

Suzanne from (Arizona, US) says:
I have purchased the Vroom and the Rainbow and find that they are the best CD's for children to understand math concepts. I have dozens of programs on CD's and I find that these are the best on the market.

It has been a while since I used them. The children love the programs as they are animated and entertaining while at the same time teaching or reinforcing a given skill. Each skill has a teaching component, two levels of practice and a challenge level. The kids can move up the levels as they progress.

Using this software I was able to advance the level of math with one of the children I was working with as she was very bright and able to grasp the step by step learning in a very concrete format. This child was only in kindergarten but was able to understand equivalent fractions introduced in the Vroom CD.

Because it was very visual and repetitive and introduced a new concept at a lower level and moved up little by little, she was able to grasp a mental concept that was challenging to teach an older child.

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