Sam Blumenfeld's 'ALPHA-PHONICS' has been around for over 30 years for two basic reasons. It is affordable ($29.95 Retail) and it works! The winner of the 'Mary Pride Practical Homeschooling Reader Award' and selected by Cathy Duffy as a top-rated phonics program (included in her '100 Top Picks), Alpha-Phonics provides comprehensive phonics instruction in a simple, straightforward manner.

The student uses rules presented along with lists of words and syllables and eventually sentences. Print is very large which is suitable for young readers. Students practice with quite a few of these lists but move quickly into reading sentences so their sense of accomplishment is high.

This program doesn't use bells and whistles as others do, with the intent that the student concentrates on the letters themselves so that they immediately recognize the sounds associated with a letter rather than taking an extra mental step to recall a key word associated with a picture.

Not only is this choice one of the least expensive programs available to teach reading, but it automatically teaches SPELLING as you go through its easy-to-teach lessons. There are over 3,500 words introduced!

Here is a brief comment from a successful user of the program:

"We found Alpha-Phonics to be a very straightforward, no-nonsense approach, not dependent upon pictures, games, or other devices to teach our son to read. It is very easy to use, as you can tailor the amount of lessons you do to the speed at which your child is learning. We finished the program after 2 and 1/2 months and found our son to be reading at a 3rd grade level."

Kathy's Note:
From what I am reading about this approach, I believe it would be better suited to the complacent, visual learner and possibly the audio learner if the lessons are done out loud. I'm not sure that the kinesthetic learner would be able to handle the visual concentration involved without all the bells and whistles offered in other programs. At the very least, you would want to keep the lessons short for him.

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Alpha-Phonics Book on

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The Book on CD-ROM displays all 128 lessons exactly as they appear in the highly successful book.

The CD is extremely easy to use: It has "Autostart" which allows it to open right to the lessons by just popping it in your CD drive.

Then the pages almost magically come alive on your computer screen. See - hear - teach - learn!!!

The CD includes informative "tips for use" which make this easy to use system even easier.


Alpha-Phonics The Book on CD ROM is simpler than many other computer based programs. One big reason is because it requires NO KEYBOARD work for the student. The student uses only the Mouse!

This is best for little beginners who can not type yet and who should not start by forming "hunt & peck" habits which will be hard to break later when touch typing is to be learned.

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