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Here you will find links to articles on homeschooling topics to build up your confidence! You can, do this 'parent as teacher' thing with the right encouragement, information and support!

Along the same line, I've included an Articles on Homeschooling section on this site because as a teaching mom there are no doubt times when you want to forget the whole idea!

Maybe things are not going as you planned and you're looking for answers...or a new direction.

Maybe you just need to refocus on the reasons that you're homeschooling in the first place... and to know that you are not alone in your struggles and joys...

My hope is that the first two of the articles you find below will help you decide whether homeschooling is right for your family.

Each of the succeeding articles on homeschooling is intended to help you to grow in your knowledge and understanding of how to give your children a quality education that will give them the tools to accomplish their dreams.

Browse through the information and advice you'll find in the links below and glean the ideas and suggestions that may fit your unique needs.

May these pages be a blessing!

8 Blessings of Homeschooling
Find something to look forward to as you begin to teach or just be reminded of some reasons why you're choosing to do this day after day.

5 Reasons to Not Homeschool
Not everyone should choose this path. Take a look at some circumstances and attitudes that may not mesh well with a home teaching environment.

Preparing to Homeschool
Important things to take care of before your school begins!

Starting Your School Day With Prayer
Encouragement to begin your school days by putting God first... or at the very least, taking Him along for the ride!

Choosing Homeschool Curriculum - Part 1 - Grades K-6
Guidelines for keeping this task simple...

What Do I Need to Know About Learning Styles?
Are you teaching in the way your child can best learn? An article that briefly defines learning styles and offers suggestions for teaching to each of them - by Design-a-Study's Kathryn Stout.

Critical Thinking - Why It Needs to be an Important Part of Your Lesson Plan
Find out what critical thinking is and how it gives your child an advantage, not only in school, but in life as well.

Why Do I Homeschool?
This page is intended to be a place for moms to answer this question honestly. My hope is that as you read others responses, it will help you to re-evaluate your own reasons and encourage you that there are like-minded parents who share your struggles and your convictions.

Elizabeth Staub starts us off with her excellent response to a little bit different question... "What do people mean when they say they homeschool 'because of God'"?

Please think about your reasons for homeschooling and use the form on the 'Why Do I Homeschool?' page to share your thoughts for the benefit of others.

Be a Guest Writer for
The Homeschool Companion

Many of the first articles in this section of THC were written by me and are therefore limited to my own experience in homeschooling an only child for 12 years, and the experiences of the moms who have shared with me in my job as a resource library manager for home educating families.

For example:

  • I've never tried to homeschool more than one child
  • I've never used A Beka curriculum
  • I've never homeschooled a child who was previously in public school.

What about you?
  • Are you a homeschooling mom or a 'retired' homeschooler who has learned a few 'tricks of the trade'?

  • Do you enjoy sharing your ideas to make homeschooling easier with other moms?

Then I'd like to invite you to share your experiences in a short article or series of helpful articles that will benefit thousands of other moms who are just starting out, are full of questions, and are eager to read what you have to say!

They really are!
Help me to build them up and bless them!

Here are a few simple guidelines for submitting articles using the form below:

  • Your topic should be homeschool related.

  • The article length should be at least 500 words but not more than 1500 - if you have more to say consider doing a series of articles.

  • Use your spellchecker but don't worry too much about grammar or spelling - I'll do a grammar and spelling check before I post it. I'll format it too!

  • Tips and Ideas should be short and to the point. If we get enough of these, they will have their own page!

  • Helpful Reviews of curriculum, software or other related resources are welcomed. Once approved, they will be added to that curriculum's page.

  • Put your name and/or city and state at the end of the article. I'll post it just the way you submit it.

    Please use the following form to submit your article or tip, or to ask a question about submitting:

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