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Easy Grammar

Start using Easy Grammar and finally understand all those pesky rules and definitions... maybe for the first time! Here is a quick overview of what you need to know:

  • Students start by learning a list of prepositions. Then, by identifying and crossing out prepositions and prepositional phrases, students can see the core of any sentence.

  • Each grade level book (teacher book) is complete in itself with effective teaching strategies, reproducible workbook pages - though you will probably want to purchase the separately available workbook because of the number of pages you'd need to copy - and tests. There is no teacher prep time.

  • Each lesson is simple and is followed by lots of practice. Lessons cover parts of speech, types of sentences, capitalization, and punctuation.

  • Revised in 2007, there is now a book for each grade starting in grade 3 (revision of former 3-4 book) and going through grade 6. Then Easy Grammar Plus is used for grades 7-12. Other changes are the addition of pre- and post- assessments, and sentence writing units added to each level. It is possible to use an old teacher book with a new student workbook for the lessons, but the answers for the sentence writing units will be missing.

  • Daily Grams (3-Adult) also by Wanda Fisher, are a good way to keep reviewing your student's grammar skills when your language arts focus is on another element such as literature. Using this program, especially the practice of correctly combining sentences will greatly develop your student's ability to construct complex sentences. Each review page takes only 10 minutes - but what a valuable 10 minutes! Answers are in the back.

Here is CBD's review of these proven programs:

When Wanda Phillips began teaching 7th grade, she realized the correlation between the textbooks children were using, and resulting lack of grammatical knowledge. Easy Grammar & Daily Grams don't follow the standard textbook approach of teaching and moving on to the next subject with no review of previously learned material. Rather, incremental development is coupled with extensive review and refreshment, and the prepositional approach is utilized for increased retention and ease in identifying parts of speech. Simple and effective, Easy Grammar & Daily Grams have helped hundreds of children to finally understand the technicalities of the English language!

And a few comments by an anonymous homeschool mom:
"I'm really excited about using this program! I tried several other textbooks, but they were boring and unsuccessful with my children. This really is the best course I've found. We're nearly halfway through because my daughters enjoy English class now. they actually ask to do extra pages ahead of assignments. It works! Each exercise builds onto the previous one. I recommend purchasing teacher and workbook editions."

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