Make Your Child
the Editor in Chief!

Editor in Chief Workbook

As preparation for The Editor in Chief Series, the Beginning Workbook (Grades 3-4) first teaches students the rules of grammar through multiple choice questions. Then they learn to apply the rules by editing short stories presented in different formats.

Given the number of errors to locate, the student must find the mistake and write the corrected sentence on the lines provided thereby reinforcing the rule.

Elements covered in this first book are capitalization, punctuation, run-on sentences and sentence fragments, dialogue, friendly letters, grammar, usage, and spelling.

The next workbooks continue the editing theme but increase the complexity and length of each story and/or the number of errors to discover and correct.

Children love being the one doing the correcting for a change and just in case you both get stuck, answers and grammar rules are in the back of each consumable workbook.

editor in chief software

An alternative to the workbook, each interactive Editor in Chief CD-ROM provides over 30 stories to edit. Instead of writing corrections, the student must find each error and correct it by selecting the rule that it violates.

Stumped? Not to worry! Extensive grammar, punctuation, usage, vocabulary, and spelling references are available with the click of a button!

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP/2000/Me/NT/98
  • 32 MB of RAM.
  • Mac: OS 8 or OS 9
  • 32 MB RAM

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