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Just in case you haven’t heard, the “e” in Educational E-Books stands for electronic. Just as its predecessor e-mail has done, the electronic book is fast becoming an undeniable part of our world culture.

Not to be left in the dust, more and more homeschool publishers are taking advantage of the flexibility provided by these controversial new products.

One thing I’ve noticed as I familiarize myself with the sites that promote e-books for homeschooling, is that there are many publishers I’ve never heard of offering new products… On the one hand, this means that there is a lot of very good material from people with limited financial backing becoming available. On the other hand, anyone can publish an e-book, so check your selections out for reliability and content as much as you can before you buy…

How Do They Work?

The steps to owning and using an e-book are simple...

  1. Visit any site that sells this type of media... we list several below...
  2. Choose a product to purchase and put it in your shopping cart.
  3. Check out and pay for your purchase.
  4. Once payment is received, you should be taken to a download screen. Just follow the simple instructions. Choose a destination that will be easy for you to find on your computer.
  5. In order to open and read your e-book, you will need have Adobe Reader installed on your hard drive. This is a free download available from
  6. Just click on the file name for your e-book and it will open and be ready to use!

Here are some pros and cons for using e-books as a part of your teaching arsenal:

The Pros:

  • There are now titles available for any grade level and any subject
  • They are generally less expensive
  • There are no shipping charges… Yes!
  • There is no waiting time… you can download your book right now!
  • If you choose not to print, or to print selectively, there is less environmental impact than if you were to buy a traditional book.
  • You can print multiple copies of any page for multiple students.
  • You can search the text to track information that you can’t remember.
  • You have the ability to copy and paste text.
  • Once a book is in e-book form… it never goes out of print.
  • You may put your e-books on as many computers as you like.
  • E-Books don’t take up much space… you can carry 1000s with you on your laptop if you like!

The Cons:

  • If you want to really own a tangable book, you will need to spend lots of $$ on ink and paper to print it out…
  • If you do decide to print it out, you will need to provide a notebook to store it in or find some other way to bind it.
  • You will also need to remember to back up the files in which your books are stored or you might risk losing them.
  • If you decide not to print, you and your child must spend large amounts of time staring at the computer screen reading..
  • Some children have more difficulty reading for extended periods of time when reading from a computer monitor.

So while e-books can be a wonderful tool, there are some serious drawbacks to consider. If you are loving the idea…

Here are some top resources for finding the most relevant and well-done electronic books for homeschooling on the web… Just click on a link to learn more about each one!
CurrClick - E-Books Galore

The Old SchoolHouse Store has E-Books Too!

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