Explode the Code
Makes Learning to Read
an Adventure!

Explode the Code

Explode the Code provides a systematic, sequential approach to phonics in which students blend sounds to build vocabulary and read, words, phrases, sentences, and stories.

Frequent review of previously learned concepts helps increase retention.

Each workbook in the series contains exercises that incorporate reading, writing, matching and copying. The consistant format of the books helps encourage independent work.

Explode the Code Placement Book

The Placement Test Book is only necessary if your child has begun learning to read using another system and you are not sure of his retention and therefore his placement in this program.

If offers reproducible, tests, scoring and analysis, and recommendations for placement.

Before the Code

Before the Code is a primer series which introduces initial consonant sounds as follows:

  • Get Ready for the Code introduces b,f,m,k,r,t
  • Get Set for the Code teaches p,s,n,j,h,d
  • Go for the Code presents c,l,g,w,y,v,z,q, x

The lessons are designed to develop, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic perception of the letters. Activities include tasks such as visual tracking, matching, tracing, copying, and identifying letters and their sounds.

Special emphasis is given to discriminating between similar objects and letters, to developing the motor control to write legibly, and to developing the listening skills children need to follow directions carefully.

By the time children finish the series, they will have learned all of the lowercase consonant letters as well as their sounds and written forms, and will be ready for Book 1 of the Explode the Code Series. There is a single Teacher's Guide for Books A, B, and C of the primer series.

Explode the Code Set

Explode the Code is the core part of this program and consists of Teacher's Guides and Student Workbooks. The Guides provide additonal options for instruction, reinforcement, and expansion of skills as well as tests and answer keys. The Teacher's Guides cover the whole and half levels - for example the Guide for Levels 1 & 2 includes materials for Student Workbooks 1, 1 & 1/2, 2, and 2 & 1/2.

In this best-selling format, there are a total of 12 child-illustrated student workbooks. Each workbook contains 8 pages which lead your early reader through exercises in matching, reading, writing, spelling, copying, and more.

The lessons are presented sequentially for maximum reinforcement resulting in retention. The consistant layout and simple instructions allow the child to progress independently.

Beyond the Code Set

Beyond the Code is a fairly new series by the same author consisting of 4 books which bring the elements of comprehension and thinking skills into the familiar workbook format.

When I saw the overall layout of Explode The Code, I thought that these books would follow when the main group of workbooks was completed, taking reading skills further. But it works a little differently, and I think, better than that.

The four books in BTC accompany Levels 1-4 in ETC using the same phonetic skills learned to introduce those thinking and comprehension pieces.

Each book in BTC contains writing and spelling activities that introduce new sight words and build phonetic patterns. Then the cute stories have exercises on vocabulary and word families and follow-up questions to test comprehension and critical thinking.

BTC can also be used independently to supplement any beginning reading program.

Wall Chart Book

Wall Chart

Supplemental Materials include a Wall Chart and Wall Chart Activity Book, Code Cards and Picture Letter Cards for use in games and drills.

This is an excellent program, especially when used from beginning to end incorporating all the available parts.

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Find Out What Other Moms Are Saying!

By Tracey Wood "Tracey" (Boston, MA USA)

I'm a children's reading specialist and author ("Teaching Kids To Read for Dummies"). I've reviewed dozens of workbooks but use only a handful of the best. Nancy Hall's workbooks are among my favorites because they make absolute good sense. I could go into a lot of technical hoopla about the systematic and progressive teaching of "phonemic awareness", but really, this is what it boils down to: Nancy Hall knows her stuff and presents it in an easy to follow, attractive way with plenty of repetition and reinforcement. Great books.

By H. Preble "redrapunzel" (Columbia, SC United States)
This series is amazing!!!!! My four year old has completed explode the code 1 and is sounding words out, reading and SPELLING!!!!! These books are engaging and she loves them. Where were these books when I was a child? The author has broken down phonics, reading and spelling into a very easy, very user friendly system. I use it and my best friend who also homeschools in using these books with the same results.

By R. Taylor "raytayz" (louisville, ky USA)
...my daughter started with the "pre" books at age 4-5 and now at 6 is up through volume 6 and using the accessory "Beyond the Code" books as well...the drawings, word repetition in various forms, and gradually increasing word and sentence sophistication make these books an excellent resource...I would say they do require parental involvement...and I would recommend working only 10-15 minutes a day early on...but you'll be amazed at the progress you'll see over a year.

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