Free Homeschool Resources
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Free Homeschool Resources

Free homeschool resources?

Of course they are out there... anyone can find them... right?
But the question is... who has the time?

Guess what? I do! I've finished homeschooling - so I'm in the perfect position to help out!

Also my part-time position as a curriculum library manager puts me in touch with lots of moms who often tell me about their latest 'finds' on the web!

I'm excited about letting you in on the best of the web's free homeschool resources that can help make teaching at home a bit more flexible while keeping those dollars in your wallet!

Curriculum itself is often an unavoidable expense, but many of the other things that make homeschooling a little easier don't have to cost you more than the paper and ink it takes to print and copy them.

Some sites will require you to register, giving your name and email address. Some offer a number of free worksheets as their 'hook' in hopes that you will pay for a membership to access the rest of their materials.

In my quick overviews of these sites, I will let you know what you can expect up front, so you can easily choose the ones that meet your needs.

I'm counting on you too! If you have come across sites which offer relevant resources at no cost... please take a moment to use the form at the bottom of the page to share them with other homeschoolers! I'll post your suggestions here for everyone to use! - The Internet's First Homeschool Alumni Directory!.


Donna Young is great find for organizational forms... a resource you'll want to bookmark

This web site is an on-going project of Donna's since 1998. Click here to take your pick of free and very well done homeschool planners, school calendars, household planners, printables in various subjects, and homeschool planning tips.

School Express is an incredible website for free homeschool resources! They have over 11,000 free worksheets, 170 free thematic unit studies, and over 400 free e-workbooks. No matter what subject you are hoping to teach or reinforce, you will very likely find the materials you need here. All materials are supplemental and should not be used to replace a good curriculum.

There is a member log in, but during my time on the site, I failed to discover any information on how to join, and the benefits or cost of joining. I would guess that there may be an advantage to joining for a public school teacher, but the homeschooler should be able to profit significantly just by using the free options.

The site does have numerous animated and therefore annoying ads, but since that is doubtless one way SE finances the site, they are worth putting up with.

School Express also offers 1,000s more e-workbooks from publishers such as Scholastic that you can purchase though the free workbooks seemed to be more than adequate to me.

This site is definitely worth checking out... though geared toward public school teachers you are sure to find free homeschool resources here that you can use! Just click here.

This goldmine of a site has been put together mostly for public school teachers and I did find a few worksheets I wouldn’t choose to use in our family, but overall, there were many, many usable resources offered at no cost.

There are also reasonably priced levels of yearly membership which allow access to additional benefits.

This site offers worksheets in areas such as Holidays, Critical Thinking, Graphic Organizers, Math, Language Arts, Research Skills, Rubrics and Social Studies.

I liked Teachnology so well when I first found it, I joined as an affiliate, so that if you decide to purchase a membership... you will also benefit THC.

But there are plenty of free homeschool resources such as worksheets and lesson plans here for the taking. Just click the banner...


On this site you’ll find thousands of worksheets sorted by grade (PK-5) and then subject (Math, English, Science). They also offer coloring pages, teacher resources, puzzles, games, calendars, and even craft ideas.

The downloadable files require Adobe Reader to open.If you find something you can use, they ask that you consider donating $1.00 but that is not mandatory to use the site.You can visit their site by clicking here

Over 1500 products from Teacher Created ResourcesTeacher Created Resources

This company is a favorite resource for my homeschooling moms at Home Link. They like to purchase supplemental workbooks, posters, classroom supplies, lesson plan books, etc... but TCR also has freebies on their website that are yours with no membership fees or registration required.

There are over 400 free Lessons, monthly calendars and teaching tips, as well as a brain tickler and quote of the day!

Click on the banner above to visit and enjoy!

There is a web site called Sheppard that has a lot of different games that kids can play online to help them learn about the elements of the periodic table. It's free and makes memorizing a lot more fun! Click here to visit.
They also have games for learning the geography of the United States or the World, as well as history, math, vocabulary, etc.

Just so you know, these next websites are not hyperlinked...on purpose.
I've learned that the search engines frown on having pages that are just a list of links so I'm avoiding that scenario whenever possible. To visit these worthwhile resources just copy and paste their URL into your web browser. Thanks :) has over 60 ideas for using legos as a hands-on teaching tool throughout your curriculum! is a weekly newsletter that you subscribe to (no fee). The newsletter packed with goodies such as free curriculum, lesson plans, worksheets, etc. There are pop-ups on the website. another site that lists other sites with educational materials. is a list of sites with resources from math worksheets, to dinner menus. offers lots of unit studies, a history index packed full of hands-on activities, and a list of activities to go with the Little House books. Otherwise there were just affiliate ads to other sites. has math worksheets, e-books, list of links to games, math tutorials and quizzes. In addition (no pun intended) there are math lessons online and a newsletter to stay updated with new resources.

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