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I discovered Geography Matters many years ago in the midst of homeschooling my daughter. What a relief it was to find these quality resources when before there had only been just grade level map skills workbooks...BORING!

Back then, Josh and Cindy Wiggers had just begun to develop their product line, but - lucky you! - they now have quite a few options available to help you teach not only Geography but some History as well!

The Wiggers' website (use the link below) offers full product explanations with a table of contents shown as well as a sample page. You will also find a Frequently Asked Questions page, several products in downloadable E-Book form, and some titles that offer a companion CD or an E-Book which contains a fully printable student notebook for each of three grade ranges.

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Ulimate Geography and Timeline Guide

The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide: This 355 page book serves as an exceptional K-12 Geography Curriculum! There are six units covering all aspects of teaching geography and implementing timelines.

There are tons of hands-on activities, ideas from making 3-D topographical maps, to learning to use a compass. You will never be able to accomplish it all, in fact, you are encouraged not to try!

There is a yearly guide broken down by grade level… but it is just that - a guide… use as much or as little as suits your own lesson plans.

They have even included numerous black-and-white cutouts to be used in making a timeline, a section of outline maps, geographical terms flash cards, and an index.

This book is a must have for your homeschool library. It's part lesson plan, part unit study, part inspiration!

Trail Guide to World Geography

The Trail Guide to World Geography is a full Geography course adaptable for 2nd Grade through High School. It includes mapping activities, atlas usage, research, notebooking, and culture study with very little teacher preparation.

TGWG will take your children on a journey to each continent. They will be able to identify important traits and characteristics, read and create maps, identify key geographical terms while they work through a variety of quick daily lessons or choose to dig into 'in-depth' geography studies.

This simple plan uses five-minute geography drills, mapping assignments, and appropriate hands-on activities which require resources - a grade appropriate atlas and a book of outline maps - which the Wiggers also sell.

You are given the option of finishing up the year by reading 'Around the World in 80 Days' by Jules Verne using the 'Geography through Literature' unit that is included.

Josh and Cindy also offer 'Trail Guide to United States Geography’ and ‘Trail Guide to Bible Geography’.

Galloping the Globe

Cantering the Country

Created by Geography Matters for K-4 learners, 'Galloping the Globe', introduces the 7 continents and several countries on each one. Along with studying geography, students will be meeting various historical figures, missionaries, and animals of the world.

While geared for K-4, it can easily be adapted for use with older children by substituting comparable age appropriate reference and reading books.

There are eight divisions covered: People/History, General Reference Books, Literature, Science, Vocabulary, Music/Art/Projects, Internet Resources, & Bible.

The course is designed to be completed in 1-3 school years depending on how many countries you cover, and how many outside books you incorporate. ‘Cantering the Country’ is also available for studying United States Geography. Eating Your Way Around the World

Eating Your Way Through the USA

Eating Your Way Around the Globe and Eating Your Way Through the USA which bring the element of ethnic foods into your study of cultures.

These books offer culinary fun while teaching geography… a welcome break from maps and drills!

A ‘must-have’ for homeschool geography - here are all the maps you’ll need to study World and United States Geography right at your fingertips in one easily reproducible book.

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