Teaching Grammar
is Simpler Than You Thought!

Grammar Pencil

Teaching Grammar is doable! Even if it wasn't your forte as a student, you can easily overcome any gaps you may have by following the links on this page to find excellent programs that take out all of the guesswork. After all, one of the added benefits of homeschooling is becoming a better educated person yourself!

What makes up this sometimes nebulous subject? It is usually comprised of all the parts of speech, sound sentence structure, and the rules of capitalization and punctuation.

Grammar, correctly learned and in conjunction with a solid, but flexible vocabulary, provides the basis for effective speech. Like it or not, your child will be judged - or misjudged - throughout life by the way he speaks. Help him to sound as though he has obtained the excellent education you are providing.

Along with Spelling and Vocabulary, it gives the young writer the tools he needs to say what he is thinking or feeling so that others will understand him exactly.

Your child will need these skills over and over again in life, whether or not he's headed toward college... but especially if he is.

There are now many wonderful programs available to help you to teach each of these elements. There are even some games and software to give your lessons a different flavor and hold your child's interest.

The links on this page lead to the top programs for teaching this subject in today's homeschool marketplace. The links on each program's page, lead to a convenient, often discounted location to purchase that curriculum. Either directly to the publisher or to CBD. The Homeschool Companion is an affiliate of Christian Book Distributors because I have found throughout the years that they provide excellent selection, prices, and customer service.

When you are choosing a product, consider whether or not it complements your child's learning style. However, not every subject has a product for each learning style, so you may have to adapt what is available. One example would be to read workbook lessons aloud for your auditory learner. Then have him read some of the lessons back to you. For more on learning styles, click the next link.

Learning Styles

Easy Grammar

Easy Grammar implements a unique technique for learning the parts of speech that also simplifies learning sentence structure.

Editor in Chief

Kids love Editor in Chief because, at last, they get to be the ones correcting someone else's mistakes! Workbooks or interactive Software formats available.

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If you've been homeschooling a while and would like to share your experiences using one of these excellent grammar programs for other moms to read OR if you have a recommendation for a program that isn't yet listed below, that you've used successfully, please use the form below to submit your reviews or suggestions. Thanks for sharing!

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