Hands On Geography
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Hands On Geography

Hands On Geography is a sort of handbook for teaching this subject rather than an actual curriculum. It uses a Christian approach to studying the world around us and can be used to cover Geography alone or to incorporate it into your study of other subjects.

The authors describe dozens of ways to use games and other hands-on activities to liven up a subject which can sometimes be perceived as 'boring' by children. There are even suggestions for using parts of games you may already own to make new games that teach this subject.

Included are many map activities some of which contain reproducibles to get you started.

The My Country Notebook reproducible pages are particularly nice, giving a useful outline for research and reporting on a country's location, physical characteristics, culture, etc.

Some projects such as holding a 'Passport Fair' or 'Around the World Night' lend themselves to co-oping with other families...in fact, many of the activities would be fun to do with a small group.

There are a couple of sections which combine Bible study and Geography - studying Joseph's journey and a study on missionaries.

Several chapters cover integrating Geography into other subjects such as Geneology, Nature, Language Arts, or History. Ideas and templates are provided.

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