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high school diploma

Many homeschoolers and potential homeschoolers worry about high school diplomas. After all, businesses and colleges are all requiring applicants to have one these days.

Can a homeschooled high school student get a diploma?
Who can issue it? How does a student qualify?

The good news is – if you are teaching your child at home, you are qualified to issue a diploma - as long as they have met the requirements that you have set for graduation. In most states, you do not need to meet state requirements for graduation if you homeschool. Check with HSLDA for exceptions.

According to the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), you may design and print your own diploma as long as it contains the following information:

  • It must state that it is a high school diploma
  • It must have the student’s name
  • It must include wording that the student finished the program of secondary education that was required of him.
  • It must include the signature of the person who knows that the student finished the program.
  • It must have the date that the diploma was signed and issued.

IMPORTANT TIP: If you plan to issue your own diplomas, you will need to be diligent about keeping clear records and gathering the information to also print a high school transcript.

HSLDA offers a wonderful FAQ page regarding diplomas that I encourage you to visit if you still have questions. Just click the link below.

HSLDA sells blank diplomas too. You can visit them here.

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