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Homeschooling High School

Looking for high school helps to make homeschooling this age group a possibility? You've come to the right place!

First consider this...

Everyone loves the grace and majesty of an eagle soaring effortlessly through the skies. But did you know, that before he ever soars, he does a lot of flapping?

That's right... the eaglet in the nest flaps his wings over and over again to strengthen the chest muscles that power those magnificent wings. His parents can't do that for him... He must do it on his own, one flap at a time.

And did you know... that the parent eagles watch him carefully - so that if the young one isn't quite ready and begins to fall, one of them will swoop under and catch him on his back and carry him up to the safety of the nest so that he can flap some more? They will do this as many times as it takes the young eagle to be able to fly on his own.

I'll bet you can see all the comparisons here between eagles and homeschooling parents right away so I won't belabor them... :)

This section of The Homeschool Companion is divided into areas that I hope will give you the information and resources you will need to teach your young eagle to fly.

Let’s start by assuming your child wants or at least agrees to be home for high school…You will need to come to that understanding before you can take this journey because it is a journey you will need to make together. You will need each other for this to work!

You can read my article on homeschooling your high schooler here.

Homeschooling Your Highschooler

And you can find 'Ten Reasons to Homeschool Your Teen' here:
10 Reasons to Homeschool Your Teen

Homeschooling the Highschooler

"Homeschooling the HighSchooler" is a wonderful new E-Book from Paul and Gena Suarez, editors of 'The Old Schoolhouse Magazine'. This book will equip you to homeschool through high school with confidence! Our authors, all armed with firsthand experience, share more than just practical advice. They share why they chose to homeschool through high school, some of the opportunities they took advantage of along the way, and the blessings they reaped from keeping their teens at home for high school. Just click on the picture above to go to The Old Schoolhouse Store. Then do a search for "Homeschooling the Highschooler" to get your copy:)

Learn more about Terri Johnson's quite inexpensive e-mail course on Upper Level Homeschool here. Terri provides weekly encouragement and tips that get you through those tough yet rewarding teen years.

Then come back and click on the links below to learn more about specific areas and find more helpful resources that make this seemingly daunting task a journey of discovery and bonding instead!

This topic is huge so please be patient… This page, like others on
The Homeschool Companion will continue growing over time and according to what you tell me your needs are…

High School Curriculum

Top curriculum in major subject areas that will earn your student the credits they need to earn a diploma!

What About High School Diplomas?

Get your questions about high school diplomas for homeschooled students answered here.

Learning Life Skills

Find a list of skills that your highschooler needs to know in order to successfully leave the nest and links to find resources that will help you teach them.

Know of a resource or high school help that I haven’t found yet? Take a minute to share it using the simple form below. I’ll get it posted and other moms will thank you!

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