History of US:
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A History of US by Joy Hakim

A History of US is written as a series of very well-told stories and adventures from a secular world view. Profusely illustrated with drawings, authentic photographs, and maps, H of US uses those stories and illustrations to make what happened long ago more understandable and relevant to the student of today.

Joy Hakim

Joy Hakim, in a quote from the bio-sketch on her website (www.joyhakim.com) explains why she felt so compelled to write this series, "I discovered the stories. I found out that those folks in the history books were real people. They didn't live in the past. They inhabited the present, their present, and it was filled with problems and stress and nastiness and decency and heroism – just as any time is. I began to see history as a detective story, and sleuthing the past became an adventure – and a whole lot of fun – and that's what I hope to convey to my readers."

A History of US by Joy Hakim

Now in its 3rd edition and thoroughly updated, A History of US is available as an 11 volume set or in separate volumes. For each volume, a study guide has been written to help students think about what they are reading and retain the important facts and ideas from each period.

The Volume Titles are:

  1. The First Americans: Pre-History to 1600
  2. Making Thirteen Colonies: 1600 - 1740
  3. From Colonies to Country: 1735 - 1791
  4. The New Nation: 1789 - 1850
  5. Liberty For All?: 1820 - 1860
  6. War, Terrible War: 1855 - 1865
  7. Reconstructing America: 1865 - 1890
  8. An Age of Extremes: 1880 - 1917
  9. War, Peace, and All That Jazz: 1918 - 1945
  10. All the People: Since 1945
  11. Sourcebook and Index: Documents That Shaped the American Nation

From the Publisher's Description:

"Readers may want to start with War, Terrible War, the tragic and bloody account of the Civil War that has been hailed by critics as magnificent. Or All the People, brought fully up-to-date in this new edition with a thoughtful and engaging examination of our world after September 11th. No matter which book they read, young people will never think of American history as boring again."

Though used in many public school classrooms across the country, A History of US is fully adaptable for homeschool use. Many parents choose to use it as a read-aloud for the whole family expanding the ideas presented into discussions about lessons to be learned from the past.

DID YOU KNOW? Joy is writing another great series of books that homeschoolers are discovering. The Story of Science features Joy's delightful narrative writing style. Volume #3 has just been released. Although she writes from the secular point of view, Joy seeks to bring to life the men and women who dedicated their lives to discovering the world around us and who improved our lives in the process.

I learned of these books from one of the moms at Home Link, who had finished the first two books herself and 'just couldn't put them down!'
Read my review of The Story of Science

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