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Lapbooking = Hands-On Learning!

Lapbooking projects are great ways for siblings to study a topic together!

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Other Mothers Tips and Ideas

Other mothers tips and ideas with a place to leave questions and have them answered.

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College Prep

College prep for the homeschooler starts with careful planning beginning in junior high.

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History Helps Us Understand Who We Are

Studying history can give students a sense of where they've come from and where they are headed...

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I Homeschool My Son

I am a mother of two children, one is a 5 year old son and the other is a 2 year old daughter. When I was thinking about school for my son, I had a big

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Teach Reading

Teach reading to your children! Visit here for reviews and links to the best programs...

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Vocabulary - Built from the Roots Up

Vocabulary building is made most effective by first learning word roots...

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Math Help

Math help can be found here through reviews and links to the best products available...

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The Homeschool Companion - Curriculum Reviews and Encouragement for Your Journey

Veteran Homeschool Mom Presents Curriculum Reviews, How-to Articles, FAQs, and Links to the Best New, Used, and Free Resources in the Homeschool MartketPlace

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