Institute for Excellence in Writing
and Andrew Pudewa
Make Learning to Write
an Enjoyable Process

Andrew Pudewa

Institute for Excellence in Writing's Andrew Pudewa has even reluctant students with little writing experience immediately enjoying his humor, and realizing the process is not so overwhelming, causing them to relax and be willing to get started... sometimes the biggest hurdle.

Once they learn Andrew's techniques to make writing doable, their concept of writing as being 'too' hard changes... they now have the tools they need to write successfully!

Teaching Writing, Structure, and Style

Many parents first watch ‘Teaching Writing, Structure, and Style’ to learn Andrew’s guidelines for incrementally teaching writing to students. This was originally a 2 day seminar which has now been captured on DVD.

Included are:

  • the seminar notebook
  • the 6 course DVDs
  • sample lesson plans
  • and 3 bonus DVDs which teach the first lesson to students at various grade levels.

Andrew recommends using this program to teach writing from second grade through high school. And he says to watch the first disc and start teaching! You don't need to view all 6 to get going.

This course works well in a co-op setting too. Moms can agree to meet together in someone’s home to view and then take turns teaching their children the lessons.

Student Writing Intensive

The ‘Student Writing Intensive’ is similar to ‘Teaching Writing, Structure, and Style’ but is directed to the students themselves and will greatly enhance parent understanding of the syllabus, while providing a humorous and energizing boost for students of all ages.

Each group of DVDs (A, B, or C), presumes no previous experience and differs mainly in the type of source text used, speed of presentation, and sophistication of vocabulary. Therefore, you should choose the level based on your child’s age and maturity and not his writing ability.

  • Level A is for grades 3-5
  • Level B is for grades 6-8
  • Level C is for grades 9-12

If you want to use the course with mixed ages, Andrew says ‘you can usually shoot for the middle and get excellent results’.

Each package has:

  • 4 DVDs
  • a binder with dividers
  • a packet with the resources
  • source texts
  • and checklists needed for the classes

The video classes alone could be completed in as little as four days whereas the course with additional assignments could be stretched out to four weeks or even four months depending on how much time is spent each day.

These courses are a little pricey, but well worth the investment. The notebook and forms can be copied for more than one student.

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