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Lapbooking ???

When it comes to lapbooking, I have to ask, "Who is having more fun here... the moms or the kids?

But what, exactly is it? How hard is it to do? Where do I find the resources I need? Keep on reading... the answers are coming!

What is it?

lapbooking examples

Simply put, a lapbook is a project that allows a child to display what he has been learning. It works especially well with unit studies but can be used to reinforce any type of curriculum.

Kinesthetic learners will most likely take to them like ducks to water, and children with other learning styles will welcome the break from the regular routine.

Remember... your family and each child in your family is unique. What works well for one, may bore another.

Lapbooks are inexpensive to make, so try them out on a topic of your child's choosing and if the interest isn't there, don't push the issue, just move on to something else.

How hard is it to do?

Projects can be as simple or complex as the student or parent wishes. The possibilities are nearly endless. They can be used for book reports, explaining math concepts, showing how a machine works, or for a historical period timeline.

The more you do them, the more ideas you will probably have for doing more!

When Should I Do It?

  • Anytime you or your child need a break from 'regular lessons'
  • When there is a topic that has really captured your child and he wants to learn more
  • When you need a way to find out what your child has retained from material you've covered
  • When you have a hands-on learner, who isn't grasping what you are teaching through ordinary methods
  • Or just as an excuse to have fun!

How Do I Find the Resources We'll Need?

Lapbooking Supplies

Materials are easy to gather and consist of basic art and school supplies you probably already have on hand such as:

  • file folders - manila or colored
  • pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener
  • colored pencils, crayons, highlighters, markers
  • scissors, tape, glue sticks or glue dots
  • construction paper, copy paper, lined paper
  • pictures - either photos or drawings which can be done by the child, cut from a magazine, or printed from google images
  • other miscellaneous supplies to enhance the project such as pipe cleaners, foam cutouts, etc.

You will find file folders, construction paper and glue in THC's Amazon Store in the Lapbooking section. There are some books on making books with children which may lend ideas. And I have included top-notch coloring books from Wynn Kapit on Anatomy, Geography, and Physiology. I will add more resources as I find them.

I would suggest helping your child plan his general layout before beginning by drawing the possible pages in the folder on another sheet of paper, and assigning information and graphics to each. This is the time to make changes, find out whether an idea will work, and ensure you have all the materials you'll need.

There are beginning to be some 'How to' books available... Here is one I found at Christian Book Distributors, (just click on the link to purchase):

862001: The Ultimate Lap Book Handbook
By Tammy Duby & Cyndy Regeling / Meggie Dee Press

An absolutely fantastic resource for parents looking at starting homeschooling, or wanting to see what the Lap Book phenomenon is all about, The Ultimate Lap Book Handbook is filled with personable, practical advice. Written by Tobin's Lab's Tammy Duby and Come Sit by Me author Cyndy Regeling, you'll find over 50 field-tested and kid-approved step-by-step projects. The benefits of lap-booking, as well as the myriad ways in which to create a lap book, are covered with classic homeschool wit, charm and know-how. Instructions are clearly laid-out in steps with materials list, detail hints, and other advice; topics are laid out by subject and include appropriate grades, writing prep and presentation descriptions. Illustrations included. 107 pages, softcover.

Don't have time to pull all the necessary items together and plan out a project? Here are several websites selling downloadable lapbook e-kits!

Knowledge Box Central has complete kits that are some of the best I have seen. Covering a wide variety of topics from modesty to the kits that are designed to follow Jeannie Fulbright's 'Young Explorer' Series and other Apologia Science books. Make them your first stop!

Lapbooks?? Knowledge Box Central!

CurrClick is a leader in e-books for homeschooling but I didn't realize until recently, that they have a huge selection of e-lapbook kits! You can find them by clicking the link below, then doing a site search.

Visit CurrClick
Take a look at these examples of layouts... the first two are ways to do the basic fold and setup... the last three show completed projects:

Here is another fantastic resource and this one's free! These moms have put together wonderful lapbooking 'how-tos' on a large variety of topics - complete with pictures and in some cases even a You Tube video!

Homeschool Share

Prefer to make your own? Then, click on the next link below to choose a box of file folders, some glue, and construction paper and maybe even some coloring books that tie in with your subject. Take a look at the other resources we've gathered in our Amazon aStore and begin making the creativity of lapbooking a part of your homeschool experience!

Lapbooking at THC's Amazon aStore

Have you done lapbooking as a part of your homeschool? Please consider submitting your ideas and experiences or any resources that you have found to make this craft easier for other moms. Just use the form below!

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