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Literature Study Guides can make favorite stories and timeless classics come to life through discussion questions and hands-on activities that cause your student to think about what they are reading. They can help you to know how much your child is understanding of what he is reading at the same time they are serving to deepen that understanding.

Here are a few of our favorites...

Invitation to the Classics

A classic, according to Mark Twain, is “a book that people praise and don’t read.”
I like to think that at least among most homesechoolers, the classics of literature are introduced to our children as a part of their basic education.
There are a sprinkling of literature study guides available to study the classics but here is an all-in-one book that covers many of them all under 'one roof' so to speak.

Invitation to the Classics (Gr. 7-Adult) edited by Louise Cowan and Os Guinness defines a classic as:

  1. The classics not only exhibit distinguished style, fine artistry, and keen intellect but create whole universes of imagination and thought.
  2. They portray life as complex and many-sided, depicting both negative and positive aspects of human character in the process of discovering and testing enduring virtues.
  3. They have a transforming effect on the reader’s self-understanding.
  4. They invite and survive frequent rereadings.
  5. They adapt themselves to various times and places and provide a sense of the shared life of humanity.
  6. They are considered classics by a sufficiently large number of people, establishing themselves with common readers as well as qualified authorities.
  7. And finally, their appeal endures over wide reaches of time.

    Invitation to the Classics is fast becoming a classic in its own right, especially among homeschooling families! Covering 78 literary gems from Homer through Dietrich Bonhoeffer, each author is covered with brief background information.

    Much as we might expect from a literature study guide, we are then given insight and understanding of his legacy to literature. Photographs, illustrations, and quotes from major works are provided to help the reader make the connection to the author.

    Did you know, that not all books that are considered classics necessarily teach wholesome values or exclude topics you wouldn’t want to be introduced in your home?

    Invitation lets you get a good sense of what a title is about before your student reads it. Or maybe you are have heard of a book, but are not sure of the storyline.

    Check out the index and then the article to determine if it interests you before you order it from the library or purchase it. I would recommend this as a must for high school home libraries.

    Progeny Press

    Progeny Press

    Progeny Press

    An excellent publisher of literature study guides is Progeny Press. Their in-depth guides cover children's books for grades K-12 from a Christian perspective and they are adding new titles consistantly.

    From The Courage of Sarah Noble to Jane Eyre there are many titles from which to choose so that you should be able to find something to interest all your children.

    There are Before You Read things to think about and chapter by chapter questions to probe deeper into the storyline and characters.

    Many titles are now available on a printable CD-ROM if you prefer to use this format.

    I highly recommend this series... it's my favorite!

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    Literature Unit Study Guides

    Literature Unit Study Guide

    Literature Unit Study Guides are available from Teacher Created Resources through the link below. Although they are listed as "for use in the classroom", they are easily adaptable for homeschool use. They offer a simpler, secular, less expensive approach with reproducible pages. Many titles are available... use your own discretion in choosing appropriate books for your family.

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