Literature Broadens a Child's Horizons

Great Literature

Great Literature opens the doors to a child's imagination. As his reading skills grow, they will take him to times and places he will never experience himself. He will learn to understand other points of view. He will be exposed to the realms of good and evil and the consequences of choices. He will begin to question what he knows and believes as never before.

This is why it is so important that we, as parents, monitor what our children are reading. If we are aware, we can easily see the effect of what a child is reading relected in his behavior. He is considering the thoughts and actions of those he encounters in books and he often will try to incorporate those ideas into his own thoughts and actions. It is the essence of the adage "garbage in - garbage out".

The Homeschool Companion seeks to only recommend books and study guides that have wholesome family values. The only exceptions to this standard may be in some books for older students that include unhealthy behavior and choices that may be used as a springboard for discussion within the family.

One thing I've learned as a homeschool parent is that just because a title is old, or considered a classic, does not mean that it holds the same values as I want my child to embrace.

I suggest using a site such as Amazon, or even your library's website to read reviews before including a book in your children's educational or recreational reading.

Most of all, seek to make reading a privilege and an adventure to your children, not a chore. Share their discoveries by having them tell you about the books they liked. Help them to build their own library of favorites. And read together, as a family when possible, or just one-on-one.

In the Links below, you will find literature-based curriculum, study guides, and even a page with links to reading lists. These lists are general and have not been censored in any way. They are meant to be a starting point for your own research into books that work for your home.

Learning Language Arts Through Literature
Integrated Language Arts Program for Grades 1-12. Teaches some phonics, reading, spelling, vocabulary, writing, and handwriting skills. Uses favorite children's books and hands-on activities to make lessons interesting and fun.

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