Mapping the World By Heart
Makes Geography Stick!

Mapping the World By Heart

The author of Mapping the World By Heart, David Smith was a high school geography teacher frustrated by his students' low retention of world geography. He devised a curriculum that taught them to actually make their own maps of the world.

Each student was first required to make a map ... a sort of 'pre-test' so the student could show what he already knew. Most were fairly crude...probably similar to a map you or I would be able to produce.

Mapping the World by Heart

He then put to use the incremental program he had developed using a variety of hands on activities to teach both map-drawing and map-reading skills. He included the study of different cultures and some global issues as they related to geography.

As students studied each country or area and gained a basic understanding of it, they added it to their carefully constructed maps with amazing results...

Mapping the World By Heart

Now students really understood how the countries and continents fit together... lessons they would never forget.

Now David's Smith's wonderful resource has been published and made available to the public in the hope it will help to banish geographical illiteracy.

While it is not intended to serve as a complete high school course, it works well for late elementary grades (5th and up), in junior high, or in conjunction with a geography text in high school.

This program comes complete with curriculum, nine reproducible world region maps, two sets of projections maps, a short introductory video, and blank grids for the final "mapping the world by heart" project.

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