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From counting to Calculus, there is no way around it... Math is one of the basic building blocks of a good education. Along with the Ability to Read, and a Love of Learning, nothing is more instrumental to giving your child wings than to enable him to interpret the mathematics in the world around him.

I never thought I'd have a problem teaching the basics of math. How hard could it be? But you know what? I did have problems. We didn't have much money so I tried to teach addition and subtraction eclectically with some workbooks, flash cards, and beans, and wound up generating quite a few tears from both of us.

What I failed to realize at the time is that correctly teaching the basics of math builds a firm foundation for all the math to follow. If I had it to do over again - I would choose a good mathematics curriculum and stick with it as much as possible...maybe supplementing it with workbooks and beans!

Finding good Math Helps isn’t a problem these days.The homeschool marketplace has tons of curriculum, workbooks, games, manipulatives, and software from which to choose.

But where do you start? How do you narrow down those choices to the ones that will work for each of your children?

While I can’t cover every product available or make your final decisions for you, I can give you a good idea of what each of the major, proven, tried-and-true math programs has to offer.

I’ll try to let you know what you can expect to receive when you order each product. I’ll glean what the major reviewers have to say about them...including what learning styles they support.

The links on this page lead to the top programs for teaching this subject in today's homeschool marketplace. The links on each program's page, lead to a convenient, often discounted location to purchase that curriculum. Either directly to the publisher or to CBD.
The Homeschool Companion is an affiliate of Christian Book Distributors because I have found throughout the years that they provide excellent selection, prices, and customer service.

When you are choosing a product, consider whether or not it complements your child's learning style. However, not every subject has a product for each learning style, so you may have to adapt what is available. One example would be to read word problems aloud for your auditory learner. Then have him read some of the problems back to you. For more on learning styles, click the link below:

What Do I Need to Know About Learning Styles?

If you've been homeschooling a while and would like to share your experiences using one of these excellent math programs for other moms to read OR if you have a recommendation for a program that isn't yet listed below, that you've used successfully, please use the form below the links to submit your reviews or suggestions. Thanks for sharing!

An interactive online math program with great results for grades 3 - 12, ALEKS allows children to work at their own pace with no textbooks needed!

Saxon Math
Read this overview including our family's experience using this A-1 program. Also, learn how to locate placement tests, scope and sequence, etc. Find links to purchase Saxon at discounted prices!

D.I.V.E. into Math!
This interactive software follows Saxon Math lesson by lesson for Levels 5/4 through Calculus...Great for audio/visual learners! Math help for when the textbook just isn't enough.

Saxon Teacher
Saxon Publishing's answer to the D.I.V.E. CDs. Same basic format as D.I.V.E. but from actual Saxon Math teachers.

Math U See Mania
Math U See works! Steve Demme's innovative K-12 program teaches math concepts and applications in a way children love. Find out what you need to get started.

Singapore Math
Singapore Math helps your student understand the reasoning behind the math as well as exercises his 'mental math muscles'...

Teaching Textbooks - Math 5 thru Pre-Calc
Teaching Textbooks are an increasingly popular alternative to Saxon. Watch the lesson...Do the Problems...Watch a tutor explain the ones you missed! Encourages successful independent study.

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