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Mystery of History - Volume 1 Mystery of History - Volume 2 Mystery of History - Volume 3

Mystery of History is the latest series and some say the best so far in presenting world events in an understandable manner for grades 4-8. It is easily adaptable for older or younger students because there are assignments included for all grade levels.

Written from a Christian World View, MOH allows students to put the Bible into perspective with what was occurring in the rest of the world in a given time period. For example... What famous Bible figure lived when the Trojan Horse was built? Or who lived in North America around the time Jeremiah wrote Lamentations?

Unique historical photos are included along with interesting projects, and timeline and mapping assignments. The memory cards are built upon each week and used to help keep facts straight. Quarterly reviews and semester tests are provided.

There are currently three volumes:

  • Volume One - Creation to the Resurrection
  • Volume Two - The Early Church and Middle Ages
  • Volume Three - Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations

Mystery of History Volume 1 - Reproducible CD

Now available are CD-ROMs of Reproducibles so you can print, rather than copy the reproducibles in Volumes One,Two, and Three. You'll find pre-tests, quizzes, exercises, worksheets, tests, maps, and appendix pages. (for Windows only)

Mystery of History Volume 1 - Craft CD

Mystery of History - Volume 2 Craft CD

The Mystery of History Craft Pak CDs are full of activities to enhance your studies. Coloring pages and projects are linked to specific lessons. Some can be complicated requiring adult supervision and require basic art supplies along with special materials like plasticine and polymer clay, acrylic paint, dried leaves, mosaic tiles, foam sheets, a hand drill, grout, and more... none of which is included.

A list a materials is at the beginning of each project and there are step-by-step directions for completing them. as well as a color photo of assembly when needed.

Projects for Volume 1:

  • fossilize a fern in plaster
  • sculpt a Sumerian bas-relief
  • build an Egyptian shaduf
  • create an ancient oil lamp
  • assemble a Chinese cricket cage
  • contruct a Greek temple facade
  • make Chinese paper cuts
  • arrange a Roman animal mosaic

Projects for Volume 2:

  • build a medieval seige tower
  • making a faux metal Indian bell
  • creating an Islamic tile
  • painting a Byzantine icon and more... 8 projects in all

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