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Old Schoolhouse Store carries thousands of items and there is free shipping on every one of them! Every day! That in itself is a hard offer to beat...

Once you are inside the TOS store, look for the link to all their fabulous E-Books.

Just to give you an idea of the scope of what is offered here are a few of the sublinks:

  • WeE-Books
  • E-Art
  • E-Bible
  • E-Children’s Books
  • E-Freebie
  • E-Helps and Encouragement
  • E-Language Arts
  • E-Home Economics
  • E-Math
  • E-Planner...

And the list goes on….!

What are WeE-Books? I wondered that too… I found out that they are mini-books, as the name suggests… sort of like downloadable articles on lots of different topics for just $1.95. There are currently 30 of them to choose from and TOS will be adding more as they become available.

E-Children’s Books are not the classics we normally think of, but rather books that have been gathered to encourage and enhance reading skills.

From what I am seeing as I browse through the titles in the various categories, the e-books offered here are not versions of major curriculum but would serve well as part of an eclectic homeschool setting or to supplement a regular course of study.

Click on the link below to see the variety and quality of the titles available and remember TOS is always adding more resources.

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