One Year Adventure Novel...
One Quest.
One Hero.
One Year!

The One Year Adventure Novel

The One Year Adventure Novel guides high school students (8th-12th) through the process of writing a structured, compelling adventure novel over the course of one school year. The program's unique approach to writing begins where many writing course don't go at all, with an exploration of Story.

Dan Schwabauer A published author himself, Dan Schwabauer, created this course to give students the tools and understanding they need to get the stories of their imagination onto the page in a way that will rivet their readers!

The One Year Adventure Novel is not a spelling course, or a literature course in the traditional sense. It will not teach your child to write a persuasive essay or a research paper.

Neither is it fluff. 78 lessons will challenge your student to work to high standards. He will study classic adventure novels in order to find out what makes them 'classic'.

He will ask himself hundreds of questions about his story in order to make his writing more exciting.

And your student will learn principles of storytelling that would take him years to uncover through traditional writing programs.

In nine months, (one school year), your child will have written an actual novel, an accomplishment most adults never achieve, and he will have so much more confidence in his writing ability.

One Year Adventure Novel Demo DVD

I have watched my free Demo DVD (you can get yours by clicking the picture above)... and I was so impressed by the depth of information covered in The One Year Adventure Novel that I've hurried to get this review posted so you can take advantage of the free Demo offer too.

Included on the Demo are Sample Lessons and lots of comments by moms and students who have just completed the course...

The course includes:

  • The Compass which is the textbook for the course and contains explanations of the lessons as well as sections of adventure novels for study.

  • The Map which is the student's workbook with over 400 questions designed to provoke thought and creativity.

  • The Teacher's Guide containing clear explanations for the parent's part of the course, grading and providing feedback for your student's writing.

  • 7 Instructional DVDs with 78 10-15 minute lessons to keep your students motivated and moving forward.

  • The Bonus Resource Disc which has the weekly quizzes administered by computer, Frequently Asked Questions, 14 classic adventure novels, and finally computer desktop images/wallpaper.

  • The Prisoner of Zenda in paperback format.

When you purchase The One Year Adventure Novel your student will also have access to a The Student Forum to read comments by and post comments for others using the course... a wonderful resource. You can also use the forum to ask questions of Mr. Schwabauer.

Your student will have free entry in The One Year Adventure Novel Annual Novel Writing Contest. And finally, your student's novel could be published on the OYAN website!

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Reviews by other moms/students from the demo DVD:

"I haven't seen anything out there in the homeschool market that even compares to it. This is to writing what Saxon is to math. If you have a student who is a writer, they need this. This is what you've been looking for!"
~~ Tracy Fischer, parent

"It's changed my approach to writing. Before, I didn't know what to do. I just put down words on paper. Now I have a story. I have a plan. I know what I'm doing. That's a good feeling!."
~~ Student

"A lot of my friends I don't think have ever heard any of this, so I would definitely recommend it. It's been a ton of fun."
~~ Student

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