Rummy Roots and
More Roots Provide
Quick Mastery

Tree Roots

Rummy Roots made learning Latin and Greek word roots a blast in our homeschool!

Jenny actually looked forward to mastering the 42 roots and over 190 vocabulary words in order to ‘beat Mom’. Added bonus - this meant Mom had to learn them too :)

Rummy Roots

More Roots

Players first learn by playing a simple game of Fish which uses alphabetizing. They then are able to proceed to 3 higher levels of play.

  1. Players combine Latin or Greek word elements to form English words and practice dictionary skills.
  2. Dictionary skills are improved as players try to stump their opponents
  3. Played like Rummy, using three root combinations to further expand vocabulary and comprehension.

Rummy Roots Game

The vocabulary learned will enable students to at least partially decipher over 2,000 words!

More Roots expands the word elements and therefore the vocabulary mastered. This game stands alone… you need not have learned all the words in “Rummy Roots” to play.

This second game concentrates more on everyday words rather than the scientific words in the first game.

You will find these great vocabulary games discounted at Christian Book Distributors.
Use the link below:

Rummy Roots at CBD

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