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Saxon Teacher

Saxon Teacher is Saxon Math's answer to the D.I.V.E. CDs. You can read my review of D.I.V.E. by clicking this link:
D.I.V.E. Into Math!

Newly released in Spring 2008, these CD-Roms have the advantage of teaching the complete solutions to every practice problem, problem set, and test problem. D.I.V.E. CDs on the other hand, teach just the lesson and 'several practice problems'.

Now available for Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Advanced Mathematics (Pre-Calculus), each of these these video programs contains over 110 hours of upper math content.

The familiar, user-friendly, CD-ROM format works on both Windows and Mac but not on TV. It features problem explanations by a trained Saxon Math teacher utilizing a white board (you hear the teacher but see only the board as the problem is worked out on it.

Saxon Teacher

Saxon Teacher

Complex problems are broken down into manageable steps as the teacher guides the student with thorough explanations and offers helpful hints. Students can easily move backward or forward within a lesson or problem until they understand it.

Each level has 6 CD-ROMS with the first 5 containing the lesson and problem explanations and the 6th showing solutions to each test problem.

Saxon Teacher

Each level may be purchased separately or as part of a set including the Homeschool Kit which consists of the Student Textbook, the Homeschool Packet which has all the answers, and the Test Forms Booklet.
Saxon Teacher

Saxon Teacher

Saxon Teacher has its own website with placement tests, an 800# to ask questions, and enrichment activities. Just click here to visit.

To benefit this website and receive a discount, you can purchase it at Christian Book Distributors by using this link:

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Reviews by Other Moms

Reviewed by Dawn Foster (Palm Bay, FL), December 21, 2008

Superb product! This goes along with Saxon Algebra 2. It is very easy to understand and explains step-by-step. Great investment!

Reviewed by Dinah Ellison (Palm Bay, FL), October 11, 2008

This is an awesome product. I am a home school mom and I was finding it harder to teach Algebra 2. My daughter was not getting the concepts of the problems with me helping her. I bought the DIVE CD, but it was not doing it for us. So I was thinking of hiring a tutor, when I came across SAXON TEACHER. I told myself it was cheaper than a tutor, so why not give it a try. After, we started using the program, she started thriving and understanding concepts that she did not understand even in Algebra 1. I calculated the cost of the the CDs to how many lessons and it cost about .58 cent per lesson. I am so pleased with this product, I can also use it with my other two children. Money well spent, the cost of a tutor would have been much more. D. Ellison Palm Bay, FL

Reviewed by Diana Heavner (Portage, IN), September 12, 2008

This is a MUST for home schooling parents who need a little help with Algebra 2. It is voice-instructed with visuals. Extremely helpful.

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