School Prayer is Back!
Taking Advantage
of the Privilege...

If one of the reasons you homeschool is because the state has made school prayer illegal, it makes sense that devotions should be an important part of your lesson plan... but...

Mornings can be the pits! Especially school mornings! Especially when you're the mom and responsible to keep things running smoothly!

You know the drill... Maybe you have your day planned to the minute...or maybe you're not quite that organized, but you basically know what you need to accomplish today. You at least know that you should spend time with the Lord first and you know when you want school to start in order to get those lessons done.

But when the alarm rings you find:

  • your husband needs you to find his wallet...he left it right on the dresser last night...
  • the baby needs changing... now!...and oh, the crib sheets need changing too...
  • you can't put the laundry off any longer either...
  • your 10 year old has a nasty cough ...
  • and the final straw... the phone just keeps ringing...

Your day is already in chaos and you haven't even been able to remember your own name much less try to pray. You can multiply the confusion by the number of children exponentially!

At our house...we call it the spiraling vortex. You start to accomplish something only to realize something else must be done first...which leads to something else... which leads... you get the picture. It occurs regularly and seems to have a life of its own!

Guess what? It's okay... I believe our Father is a pragmatist...all we have to do is take a look at His creation to see the proof. And He loves each of us unconditionally. He knows the reality of our world...of our mornings!

All He asks of us is to be first in our be a vital part of each be our source of strength and patience.

So do plan to have school prayer and devotion time. Setting that time (whatever time it finally happens) aside consistantly will help to refocus you and your children on why you are homeschooling in the first place...and on Who really needs to be in charge.

Let your children participate in reading scripture and praying as soon as they are able. They need to develop their own faith and you need the chance to hear their hearts.

Try not to rush prayer time. Be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Assign a child to unplug the phone...even the answering machine will be a distraction... and make sure your cell is turned off. Let your husband know that this will happen each morning.

Need to head out the door for a field trip or a grocery cart math lesson? Take the Lord with you...pray on the way! Just remember to keep your eyes open while driving, Mom :)

And the school prayer part?
Paul exhorts us to 'pray without ceasing' (I Thes. 5:17). So help your children know that prayer is not limited to that special time at the beginning of each school day.

They (and you) can talk to God, or Jesus, or the Holy Spirit any time they like... even in the midst of a spiraling vortex!


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