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Teaching Science when children are very young can be so much fun! For one thing, it isn't something they have to master right away, so learning can have a more natural pace. Opportunities to impart your own knowledge of the world around us will abound. You only have to be alert your children's intrinsic curiosity. Keep it simple... use lots of nature picture books and stories. Keep it flexible...go for walks in your neighborhood and point things out. Try using these outings as a family time on weekends.

As your young naturalists grow, keep the information coming. More in-depth books, some nature DVDs, a trip to the zoo or an aquarium, a walk in the park. When they asks questions that you can't answer, help them to find those answers...

Here is an example of what could result from teaching too much too soon...

Though some fine curriculum is now available, you don't really have to use a formally structured curriculum much before junior high grade for the average student as long as you expose your students to the world around them through books, nature walks, etc. Keep it fun!

By that time, your children will probably be ready to begin to seriously categorize information they don't use every day and they will be able to begin building their own mental encyclopedia of facts. They may be reading well enough to glean information for themselves when their curiosity strikes.

Now, your job will continue to be to make that information available to them. More nature walks, identification guides, library books, internet sites, and yes, an actual course of study.

Here is a brief overview of the areas of this subject your students will need to cover in the course of their schooling:

  • Biology - the study of life ('ology' means 'study of')
  • Physical Science - study of the mechanics of how things work
  • Chemistry - study of the elements that make up our physical world
  • Physics - study of the properties of matter and energy

I am still fuzzy on the differences between Physical Science and Physics - I think scientists named them this way to confuse homeschooling moms...

Are you beginning to feel that you will need to take on the qualifications of this guy...?

Not to worry! Curriculum publishers have simplified this whole process of teaching of this subject for you... you can teach science at home!

Because I believe the Bible is the living Word of God, I also believe the universe and all that is in it was created by Him in a literal 7 days.

I have found, over the years, that much that is offered in the way of teaching Science is from a secular point of view - although that is changing.

If you are a Christian, I want to encourage you not to ignore a good resource just because it is secular...instead...use it as a springboard for discussions and research to help your children - and maybe even yourself - understand why you believe what you believe. I know I learned much while we were studying these issues.

To find excellent resources from both points of view, please visit our Amazon aStore:
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Read the links below and click on them to learn more about each resource available to you.

Apologia Science
Apologia Science offers a solid Science Curriculum for grades K-12. The Young Explorers Series for K-6 which covers astronomy and biology now has lapbook kits available to make the lessons high-interest. Apologia junior high and high school topics have multi-media companion CDs and teacher guides...

Answers in Genesis
Answers in Genesis, founded by Ken Ham, the popular Christian apologist and scientist, has dozens of 'right on the money' science resources from full curriculum (Gr. 1-8) designed for homeschool - to posters and DVDs that provide all the help we need to teach our children about God's Creation of all that is good.

The Story of Science
Joy Hakim's new series tells the stories of the men and women of history, their discoveries and the times in which they lived... a great new to-along curriculum will soon be available... check back to find out how... I should know in a week or two (04/05/2009)

Know of a great resource I've missed? Just use the form below the links to tell me about it. I'll research it and add it to the links on this page :)

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