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Recommended for students with reading difficulties especially dysleksia, Sequential Spelling employs every learning channel – hence the publisher’s acronym AVKO (Audio-Visual-Kinesthetic-Oral).

Here’s the Sequential Spelling process: a word is given verbally and used in a sentence (audio); the student attempts to spell the word (kinesthetic); the correct spelling is given using colored markers on a white board to differentiate between family and other letters (oral interaction & visual); students correct their own spelling (kinesthetic).

Utilizing the simple educational techniques of having students correct their own mistakes when they make them – not hours, days, or even weeks later – and creating a positive learning environment by maintaining that mistakes are opportunities to learn produces eager learners and definitive results. Tests are used as learning devices, not as a method of evaluation

Students learn to recognize spelling patterns in words, allowing them to de-code and spell words they may have never encountered before.

Detailed teacher instructions are given, and are followed by spelling word lists to be used in the same format for the rest of the year, as well as homophone & heteronyms lists, evaluation tests with fill-in-the-blank sentences and 60-day periodical written tests for parents who feel more comfortable with some grading system.

Book 1 teaches word families in eight-week blocks before moving on to the next; review is included throughout. Book one teaches the word families "in", "ee", "up", "ood", "at", "ove", "ow", "ay", "ey", "own", "arch", "en", "et", ot", "ime", "and", "ight" and more, building to words such as "beginnings", "misunderstood", and "loveliest". Volume levels do not necessarily correspond with grade levels; Volume 1 may be begun as early as Grade 2, or used for older students.

The necessary Sequential Spelling Student Response book is now included with each level.

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Reviewed by Melinda Pritchard (Sapulpa, OK), August 20, 2008
My children love this program. It helps them to really learn to spell words and not just memorize a list. They like that it is quick and easy - not burdensome. We use it in conjunction with "Apples" workbooks, which helps to cement spelling rules.

Debbie P. from Salt Lake City, UT wrote the following on 06/20/2007:
AVKO's spelling program removes the busy work associated with most spelling programs and uses what is helpful and useful for learning spelling patterns.

We have tried so many different spelling programs, and this is finally the one I will be sticking with! I have children that pick up spelling easily, and others that think spell-check on a computer eliminates the need for learning any kind of spelling whatsoever -- though we know that is absolutely not true!

There is quite a bit of repetition with the word lists, but this creates reinforcement, not monotony. They learn different patterns and spelling rules through the grouping of word lists.

I used the program by giving the list to my child, and if they get them all correct we immediately move on to the next list the same day. When they misspell any words in a given list we review them and repeat it the next day. There is no workbook busy work that just takes up time rather than teaching spelling. There are suggestions for all kinds of learners -- auditory, visual, etc.

I find that this type of spelling instruction translates to their other work much better than memorized lists from standard spelling programs. There is no teacher preparation necessary, and while I don't necessarily see that as a plus (I don't mind preparing when necessary as a home schooler) it does keep it simple and easy to use.

Because we go at the pace of the child, either moving to the next list or stopping at a list that needs review, it is very easy to use with all age levels. I started in the same book for my elementary children as well as my junior higher. The older children moved at a faster pace, but it still worked very well and we didn't need a separate book for each child.

Each book is a great value and lasts from one half to one year, depending on the spelling skill level of the child.

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