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Sonlight Curriculum

Sonlight Curriculum has been chosen by a fair number of the families I work with. They rave about it! It offers an unparalleled program that focuses on teaching Bible, History, & Geography through high quality children's fiction and non-fiction. A complete daily lesson plan is provided for a 4 or 5 day week but it is flexible and makes it easy to integrate your language arts and math programs.

In fact, so many options are listed in a given day that I have seen several moms become completely overwhelmed and frustrated as they tried to accomplish everything on the list...

But Sonlight was only designed to provide guidelines... not mandates! The authors emphasize that you and your children should decide how much or how little you want to cover from the list for each day. If you follow this important caveat, there is no reason at all to be intimidated... instead, you will see all the choices as opportunities to tailor your homeschool to suit your children... and yourself!

The key to fully understanding the program is to browse their website - you can click on the banner below - obtain a copy of their catalog (one of the best I've seen) and just read. You will find this is time well spent. By reading the catalog, you will be able to fully analyze if you and your family are a good fit for SL and whether it is a good fit for you

Sonlight Catalog

Inside you will find sections on why you should or should not use their curriculum, ways to make Sonlight workable for your unique situation, a thorough explanation of their levels, how to choose the right level for your family - there is a section on how to know where to start (placement) on the website also, and an overview of each of the more than 600 books used over the years (PreK-12).

Sonlight curriculum

Originally designed to serve missionary families who cannot just run out to the store if they need something... this curriculum can be ordered as a complete kit which contains everything you'll need to use it. You'll get your Core Instructor's Guide with the daily lesson plans and all the other materials you'll be using plus...

Sonlight curriculum

...all the Readers (books children read themselves) and...

sonlight curriculum

... Read-Alouds (books read aloud to each other or by you) for your level.

In Core 5, for example, there are 91 books included... I'm telling you this, not to overwhelm you but to let you know that though it is an expensive program, you are getting your money's worth!

Your Math curriculum must be chosen independently. Sonlight suggests using Horizons Math, Singapore Math, or Saxon Math but you are free to use any math program that you prefer.

Several levels have a Science module which can be ordered separately and includes all the books used plus a complete materials kit for experiments when needed. Core 5, for example uses Discovering God's Awesome Acts from Eagles Wings Publishers.

There are Language Arts Modules available that co-ordinate with each level, but I've heard they are very intense for most children though many visual learners may do well with them. You can of course use another Language Arts program of your choice that may very well work better for your students' learning styles.

sonlight curriculum

I highly recommend Sonlight to any family that wants to nurture a love of reading in their children... and likes to have their day laid out for them. You will have solved the hassle of lesson planning for the most part... remember you will still need to choose which things to do...

sonlight lesson plan

... and you will have built a formidable library of worthwhile children's books for your family to enjoy over and over again... books that broaden horizons and open minds.

In addition, your children will have a firm grasp of history and of the cultures and geography of the world around them.

Want to know more? The Sonlight website has a chat room and a forum where you can ask questions before you buy!

To visit the website and learn more... and/or to purchase and benefit The Homeschool Companion click the banner below...

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