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Spelling Power is a multi-sensory, multi-level spelling customized program that will help your students master the rules of spelling in only 15 minutes a day! A 5 minute test starts off the day, which helps to review, check retention, and preview new words to study. For the next 5 minutes, you'll test misspelled words, and for the remaining 5 minutes, you'll test new words, picking up where you last left off.

In only those 15 minutes, you'll be on your way to mastering the 5,000 most frequently used words, phonetic principles, and spelling rules! Glossary, Scope & Sequence, Verifying Research, and sections on dictionary and proofreading skills are also included.

What’s so great about this program?

  • It’s all in one book. One purchase for all years for all children.
  • General and specific placement tests put your child right where he needs to be.
  • It’s based on phonics and spelling rules, not phonics alone
  • Review is built right into the program
  • Directions for over 100 games and activities are included
  • Directions are given for adapting the program to different learning styles and ages

330 pages, softcover.

Also included:
A Quick Start Seminar DVD has been added to this new fourth edition, along with a Teacher's Resource CD-ROM. This edition is also more user friendly with larger print and more graphics. The DVD contains the author introducing each element in the Spelling Power Program, followed by real homeschool families completing each step.

The Teacher’s Resource CD-ROM contains printable forms used in the program, including printable skill-building activities, a searchable word list, printable task activity cards, bonus activities, and the Digital Spelling Tutor.

The Digital Spelling Tutor allows you to create spelling lists for multiple children, offers learning, drill and testing activities, tracks several children’s progress, allows you to create and print progress reports, and can be used with any spelling word list.


The Spelling Power program calls for the use of two different forms daily, as well as a number of forms on a level-by-level basis. These forms are integral to the proper use of the program. Each Student Record Book provides enough forms for one student to master the words on at least one level of Spelling Power. You are also provided with forms for placement and delayed recall testing and a student progress chart. Conveniently bound, with all forms printed in light blue so that student's own handwriting stands out, the Student Record Books provide you with a valuable record of your student's work. Grades K-3.

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One of my children has had difficulty spelling. Whatever spelling book I used was a disaster. I was particularly concerned when she reached 13 and still couldn't spell well, even though she loved reading and had a wide vocabulary. I turned my attention to giving her more writing assignments. A customized spelling list was then created from the words she misspelled in her rough drafts. For example, if she misspelled "figure," I also gave her "pasture" and "nature" - words belonging to the same word family.

When I found Spelling Power, I discovered I had been on the right track. Yet Spelling Power helps you go further. While reading the teacher's study guide chapters, you may even think to yourself, "It goes too far." But be encouraged. Once you've read through Adams-Gordon's detailed guide, you will be on your way to providing an excellent spelling course for all your children.

Spelling Power is a multilevel, nonconsumable course for ages 8 to adult. It can be used with all your students at the same time, year by year. A placement test determines a student's level.

Five thousand of the most frequently used words are taught by phonetic principles and spelling rules. Does this sound overwhelming? It isn't when you take it a little at a time. The daily lessons can be as short as 15 minutes per child. Each student progresses at his own pace. My book has three paper clips in it that mark the place each of my children has reached along the word list.

Reproducible study sheets carry a student through seven steps of studying a word. Within the steps a student is required to visualize a word in his mind and, with his eyes closed, spell it out loud. For those who like games and multisensory activities, there are over 100 of them at the back of the book. Adams-Gordon also explains how to conduct a dictation session and provides activities for learning dictionary and proofreading skills.

Even though I am recommending this comprehensive course, I do believe we should expect less of spelling lessons in the early elementary years. Spelling is perfectly content to take a humble position in your full curriculum. Remember that spelling is a servant to higher things. Keeping the love of language alive is most important.



Reviewed by Shelley Snyder (Leander, TX), June 11, 2008
I am so jazzed about this system. My ten year old son had previously been on about a first grade level with spelling. He refused to write at school and no matter how many hours a week we would study (using traditional methods), it wouldn't stick. Now he spends 15 minutes a day and the correct spelling sticks like magic. He is up to knowing over a hundred words after working 1 week!!!

Reviewed by Christy White (Cheyenne, WY), December 21, 2008
This is great! My girls now WANT to do spelling. It is easy and not time consuming to start or do and they retain what they learn. I would recommend getting the workbooks to go with it - makes it really easy to get going and stay with it.

Reviewed by Mekel Rice (Goode, VA), August 29, 2008
I am using Spelling Power for grade 3 and 6. We are so happy with it! Both children look forward to spelling now, amazing! It really does work. I especially like it that the child corrects the misspelled word right away. The DVD is excellent and easy to follow. I highly recommend this product.

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