You Get to Teach Reading!

Reading is Fun

Simple as 'A, B, C'? Well...not always.

Trying to teach Reading to your child is an exercise in patience and love. But the excitement of watching him put the pieces of the Reading puzzle together is truly worth every minute of your time!

Much of what you will want your student to learn during your homeschool years will depend on his ability to decode words and comprehend the meaning of sentences and paragraphs. I've watched the benefits of reading skyrocket my own daughter to top grades as well as an in depth understanding of the world around us.

Mothers who taught their children at home long ago often had to use whatever reading materials they could find. The Bible, a newspaper, letters drawn in the dirt...each had its place in early homeschools. Not that there was anything wrong with those methods. After all they worked, didn't they? I can't imagine though that most of the time those basic tools were much fun for the teacher or the student.

Due to lots of research and the resulting discovery that young children often learn best by doing, touching, feeling, listening, and watching - you and your children can take advantage of programs that appeal to the senses and make learning an adventure.

Look for the link to Reading Lists for suggestions at each reading level.

The links on this page lead to the top programs for teaching this subject in today's homeschool marketplace. The links on each program's page, lead to a convenient, often discounted location to purchase that curriculum. Either directly to the publisher or to CBD.
The Homeschool Companion is an affiliate of Christian Book Distributors because I have found throughout the years that they provide excellent selection, prices, and customer service.

When you are choosing a product, consider whether or not it complements your child's learning style. However, not every subject has a product for each learning style, so you may have to adapt what is available. One example would be to read workbook lessons aloud for your auditory learner. Then have him read some of the lessons back to you. For more on learning styles, click on the link below:

What Do I Need to Know About Learning Styles?

If you've been homeschooling a while and would like to share your experiences using one of these excellent phonics or reading programs for other moms to read OR if you have a recommendation for a program that isn't yet listed below, that you've used successfully, please use the form below the links to submit your reviews or suggestions. Thanks for sharing!

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A simple, straightforward approach to teaching phonics/reading that has stood the test of time. Inexpensive and available in book and CD-ROM formats.

Explode the Code

A systematic, sequential, child-friendly workbook approach to teaching phonics and reading. The series includes Before the Code, Explode the Code, Beyond the Code, and supplemental materials.

Hooked On Phonics vs. Sing, Spell, Read, and Write

A brief overview and comparison of two major phonics programs that both appeal to all learning styles. Includes Link to discounts for HOP

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