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Michelle Miller, the author of TruthQuest History teaches her courses from the point of view that the choices people make about their relationship to the God of the Bible determines their future. The same holds true for nations and people groups. Her slogan:
God initiates - People respond - History happens.

Before your children reach their teen years around 7th grade, they will most likely understand history in segments...the ancient Romans, the Egyptians, Colonial America, etc. and this is the way history is generally taught. Most younger children don't have a large enough concept of time to grasp the far-reaching effects of historical events, so teaching in unit studies or time fragments, works well enough at these earlier ages!

Younger students may benefit from the reading lists that accompany this program and could be included in discussions to some extent.

Once teenagers begin to look around them at current events and have an interest in putting the present into perspective in light of the past, then, I think, they are ready to truly begin to profit from TruthQuest History. Your children do not just visit the times…. They understand them. They do not just read… They see actions having consequences.. They learn life lessons.

Michelle teaches chronologically beginning with God's Creation. Each lesson starts with an overview of a period in a narrative format and works well when read aloud. The lesson is followed by extensive booklists of references, historical fiction that makes the time period relevant and more understandable, and periodically with a writing assignment to help the concepts learned become ingrained in the student's thinking.

The series is divided into separate spiral-bound books that cover:

  • Ancient Egypt/Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Rome
  • Middle Ages
  • Renaissance, Reformation, Age of Exploration (1400-1600)
  • Age of Revolution I (1600-1800)
  • Age of Revolution II (1800-1865)
  • Age of Revolution III (1865-2000)
  • American History for Young Students I (Exploration—1800)
  • American History for Young Students II (1800-1865)
  • American History for Young Students III (1865-2000)

After each lesson, there are books listed for several age groups so that all of your children can participate at some level. While you will definitely want to include this reading as an essential part of your study, you are free to choose the books that appeal to you and your children or are readily available. There is no mandatory reading list.

Discussion is an important part of the learning process here; you will want to take part in helping to shape what your children believe.

My daughter and I found it helpful to read the lesson, discuss the concepts and cultures covered, then bring in the Bible, library books, DVDs, maps, etc. to deepen her understanding of that time period and further our discussion. TruthQuest History can truly be as rich as you and your children choose to make it.

You can visit Michelle's site by clicking on the link below:
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Browse through her lesson samples and especially read her About the Author page. I love her approach and the way it supports scripture and a Biblical worldview.

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