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Wordly Wise 3000 is a complete K-12 workbook program that actually keeps learning vocabulary simple... yet interesting. This series includes exercises on word roots and has worked well for many families. It utilizes a vocabulary list selected based on frequency of use, grade-level literature, textbooks, and SAT-prep books.

Available for Grades K-12 each level requires a workbook, a teacher key, and a test book with answer key.

Typical lessons offer 15 words with their definitions, part of speech, and proper usage. Each is given in an interesting sentence that contains a mnemonic anchor to help the child remember it. Exercises follow giving practice in using the student’s new vocabulary.

There are tests for the end of each chapter as well as a cumulative final exam at the end of each book

In all, the 12 books teach 3,000 useful words, chosen to provide a core vocabulary for enhancing reading and writing skills.

The Vice President of EPS, publishers of Wordly Wise 3000, recently contacted me to thank me for this review and also to let me know about www.wordlywise3000.com. This website acts as a companion to the workbooks. Once on the site, click on 'Educators' and you will find downloads of graphic organizers Click on 'Students', choose the level of book, and your student can download audio files of the word pronunciations for each lesson or listen to them online. When they are ready, they can click on 'Games' and play 5 different games to help them retain what they have learned.

All of these resources are free, complements of EPS! Thank you, Charles, for letting us know!

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