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Writing Resources… where do you start?
I hope to offer you some insight into the best of the tools I've come across for helping your child develop satisfactory skills in this arena.

The ability to express himself clearly is a necessary tool for every child. Even if he never plans on authoring a best-seller, he will need to be able to handle job applications, simple letters, and e-mails. Yes, even emails require that he says what he means, as there is no body language available to enable his reader interpret his words… though emoticons can help :)

girl writing on paper

Some children seem to have a natural gifting for putting words together. Ideas flow from their minds onto the page with little or no effort. But for many students, learning to write just doesn’t come that easily.

The suggested resources below each have a unique approach to teaching this subject.

From excellent 'how to' manuals such as 'Writer's Inc.' and 'Elements of Style' to full homeschool-oriented courses, browse the links below, and then use the following form to make suggestions of your own!

Four Square Writing

Four Square Writing helps students visually organize their thoughts before they begin to build sentences and paragraphs. An excellent tool for beginning writers.

Institute for Excellence in Writing

Andrew Pudewa's Institute for Excellence in Writing provides several excellent programs for students from 2nd grade through 12th and beyond.

The One Year Adventure Novel

Published author Dan Schwabauer's One Year Adventure Novel curriculum teaches your high schooler the nuts and bolts of writing a novel in 78 10-15 minute DVD lessons over 9 months. An in-depth creative writing course that gives wings to imagination! Learn more...

Wordsmith Series

Wordsmith Apprentice, Wordsmith, and Wordsmith Craftsman, are outstanding courses in teaching the necessary writing skills students need to succeed.

Writing Handbooks

Two highly recommended guides to keep you and your students on track regarding structure and style.

Have you used a writing curriculum that has worked well for your family that you don't yet see listed here? Please take the time to submit your suggestion using the form below. You may also use the same form to submit any 'gems' you have learned while teaching writing that may benefit other homeschoolers.

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